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Nicholas Cage in a movie about the Rapture?

left behindI haven’t heard much about Nicholas Cage since his money troubles were rolled out in the media last year. And now, this: starring in the reboot of the 2000 film Left Behind. What does God want me to do about this? Pray. This could end up being a very interesting conversation starter about what Christians believe, especially about the return of Christ. On IMDb one person responded to this film: “Is the rapture just an evangelical American thing?” Another interesting casting choice: Lea Thompson, best known for her role as Marty McFly’s mom Lorraine in the Back to the Future films, but also for her current role as Kathryn Kennish on the ABC Family series Switched at BirthPray with me about how God might want Christians to use this film to discuss Jesus and who He really is. The original producer, Paul Lalonde, is still involved, so hopefully the story stays true to the heart of the books. One last note: the director is Vic Alexander, who has assistant director credits for Thor (2011) and The Amazing Spider Man (2012). This is his directorial debut.